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This face serum contains a combination of anti-aging, 100% natural, plant and fruit extracted, exotic  natural fruit, flower and tree oils with known benefits of absorbing quickly into the skin,  providing hydration,  combating inflammation, diminishing fine lines, and decreasing hyperpigmentation. This serum is scented with natural geranium oil and can be used as a moisturizer post facial cleansing, or as a facial oil wash. 




Ingredients:  Unrefined Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Khalahari Melon Oil (Watermelon seed oil), 

Unrefined Extra Virgin Organic Rose hip oil,  Unrefined Organic Geranium Oil,  and organic Frankincese Essential  Oil


This listing is for 1 btl


Maximum weight is 2oz.


If irritation occurs discontinue use


Directions for use:  Wash face with desired cleanser,  gently pat dry,  

then apply serum for overnight use. In the AM wash face as usual

with desired cleanser, or with cool water if used as an oil wash.


All of She's So Fancy Soaps Butters and Scrubs products are made using high-quality

cruelty-free ingredients. Our formulations are tested on friends and family only.

Never animals. All products are made in Miami Gardens, Florida 33169














The Garden Fruit and Flower Power Organic Face Serum

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