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Welcome to She’s So Fancy Soaps Butters and Scrubs. We offer a unique selection of handcrafted natural luxury soaps, body butters , lotions, emulsified sugar and salt body scrubs. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and, is your sensitive receptor to the environment. When the skin you’re in feels great it helps you to feel great.  Indulge in guilt-free, self-care moments with these aromatic bath products.  She’s So Fancy “body loving “products are thoughtfully made in small batches with your skin care needs in mind.  Our products are made with plant butter ingredient variations such as, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter avocado oil, olive oil, palm oil, and palm kernel oil.  Select soaps contain organic additives such as turmeric, rose clay, ginger, carrot, goat milk, coconut, activated charcoal, aloe vera juice, rice milk , and papaya.  Each of these additives are known for its distinct benefit, of decreasing hyperpigmentation, brightening the skin, boosting moisture, detoxification, soothing irritated skin, or providing enzymatic action of helping to remove dead skin cells.   Indulge in the vitamin and mineral properties of soleseife soap, or the Spa luxury fine sea salt bars with their smooth lotion like lathers. Our soap bars contain premium essential oils or fragrance oils.  All products used are sustainably sourced, cruelty free and not tested on animals.  

My Story

Hello there.  My name is Pamela, welcome to She's So Fancy Soaps Butters, and Scrubs. I'm thrilled you came. Please take a look around. If you're looking for great skin care products Voila! you've found them.  I am a mother of two grown children, adore family, live an active lifestyle (road cycling, walks on the beach etc.), and am a career health care provider of over 20 years.  I love helping people and truly that's where my heart lies. I love learning, as well and when I find my interests it turns into a passion. I started soaping as a hobby but being the enthusiast that I am I began to integrate my knowledge base as a health care provider, joined the soaping community, researched, then used my personal experience on how hard it can be for me to find  skin care products that fit my skin care needs from the shelf (that doesn't have all the extra additives) into one of my joys, which has become a wonderful, handcrafted soap making journey, and business that caters to body loving vegan friendly products.

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